Youth Media

An integrated media program focused on teaching youth to use media as a tool. The objectives of this project:


Two groups of five youth will undertake a two year training program covering:

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⦁ To teach youth to use media and social networking as a communication tool allowing them to engage local and international communities.
⦁ To create a media hub in the village to act as a communication and training center.
⦁ To use media to allow people affected by the earthquake to share their story.
⦁ To create micro-enterprise in the field of media/communications.

⦁ Filming, editing and production
⦁ Social networking
⦁ Story telling
⦁ Marketing and advertising
⦁ Management


shovi and kids

The youth and their mentors will be responsible for documenting and communicating all of the work and programs of the Kamala Foundation and their partners over the next two years. The program's output will include:

⦁ Creation and maintenance of social media: blog, facebook, twitter and others
⦁ Short documentary videos of all KF and partner's projects
⦁ A community media/communications hub
⦁ A business plan of how to transition from this program into running their own business