Sustainable Children’s Homes & Farms

In 2009 the KF helped its partner organization Prisoners Assistance Nepal establish Nepal's first sustainable childrens home. The children's home and farm cares for 12 children whose parents are in prison. Based on permaculture principles, the project provides for most of its own food, water, energy and financial needs. The project has acted as an example for others caring for children in need and our model has been copied by other organizations.

The earthquakes in 2015 have again shown the importance of creating sustainable living environments for children in care. We have identified the need to help move more children out of Kathmandu and into a village environment where issues such as food, water and energy security can be addressed. The Sustainable Childrens Home II will be based on the same model as the first, developing another home and farm to care for 10 children, this time in the district of Illam.