›Meet the Kamala Team

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Zac Barton
Zac and his family started the Kamala Foundation to help support communities in Nepal as well as to build a cultural bridge between the two countries.  He is a practicing permaculturist and specializes in designing projects to help communities become self-sustainable.

Terry Barton
I have been with the foundation since 2005. I worked in the financial industry and am now semi-retired.
“Kamala is my passion. It is making a better world for many people by assisting communities in self-development.”

Amy Barton
Vice President
I was a starting member of the Kamala Foundation. I have 3 children and work full time with Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services in a specialty department that addresses the needs of the most vulnerable. The Kamala Foundation is served by genuinely caring, compassionate and altruistic people, I am fortunate to be a part of it.

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Shova Magar Barton 
Program Manager
Shova has worked in the field of social work for over 15 years, helping establish 4 childrens homes and multiple projects for children whose parents are in prison. She now manages all programs that are run by the Kamala Foundation.

Gianetta Baril
VP Communications
I am a full-time professional harpist and a passionate teacher. I first went to Nepal in 2013 when my then 25-year-old son took a life-threatening trekking fall. I fell in love with the spirit of the people and vowed to return to find a way to give back to the society that sustained us through such a dramatic time. Through good fortune, I connected with the Kamala Foundation so then spent two months in Nepal in 2014 volunteering in whatever way I could with the Kamala projects. My heart remains in Nepal and I am honoured to do my part to support this organization that is making such a positive difference. 

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Liz Gatzsch
For over 25 years, I managed the book keeping for my husband's company, Lignum Interiors Inc. In 2008, my daughter and I traveled to Nepal for the first time. I immediately fell in love with the people, culture, and countryside. Since that first trip, I return twice a year to spend time with the children and staff of PA Nepal. I feel so lucky to have earned the name "Grandma" among the children. Through PA Nepal, I have been able provide support to the mentally ill men at Dulikhel Prison. Most of my time in Nepal is spent in Fikkal - at Zac's Farm. I find so much joy and satisfaction working in the fields and "getting my hands dirty". I also have a great passion for trekking in the Himalayas - I can never get enough of those majestic and sacred mountains.
Personally, I feel that Kamala Foundation's greatest achievement is it's transformation into sustainability! The projects that Kamala runs are well designed and adopted by others - it's great to see neighbours following our system of permaculture. I am so pleased that Kamala can feed it's children, organic, local foods to keep them healthy. I'm so fortunate to have found a 2nd home and family through my workings in Nepal.

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Gopal Chaudhary 
Farm Manager
Gopal is a volunteer at the Sustainable Children's Home. He runs the tree nursery as well as helps manage all farming activities. He also runs his own private permaculture farm. He is currently doing his Permacultue Diploma.

Merv Strome
Recently joined Kamala as a board member and filled the position as Secretary on the executive.
Had a successful 37 year career at Shell Canada and recently retired.
Became involved in Kamala after travelling to Nepal in 2013 and experiencing the Nepali culture. I saw how the children of PA Nepal are responsible in carrying out chores, they learn about sustainable practices, are in safe environment and given a chance to attend school. Also observed how Zac would take every opportunity to educate guests and neighbors about permaculture and sustainable farming practices.

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Alisha Magar Barton
Project Coordinator
Alisha is currently working with a researcher from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada around organic tea production in eastern Nepal. She helps manage projects and volunteers as well as works as translator. She finished her Permaculture Design Course in 2011, GED in 2016 and is continuing her studies in Rural Development.

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Sheila Barton
I am a retired legal assistant.  I have been with The Kamala Foundation as a director since its inception 11 years ago.
As Zachary’s mother, I am very proud to have had the opportunity to support Nepali families and see their lives being made better as a result of all the people that have generously supported The Kamala  Foundation over the years.

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Theresa Yurkewich 
Theresa is a practising lawyer in Calgary, with a focus on civil litigation. Determined to make a global impact, she joined the Kamala Foundation because she was eager to make a valuable contribution towards encouraging sustainable development. She enjoys working in communications and sees it as a way to learn about different life experiences and interact with individuals worldwide. In her spare time, Theresa's interests include food, travel, and photography

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BJ Waiba
Site Manager
BJ is responsible for running Almost Heaven Farm, a training, demonstration and resource center run by the Kamala Foundation. He manages all farming projects on site, runs trainings and coordinates volunteers. He is currently doing his Permaculture Diploma.

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Sunita and Sanjeet Magar
House Mother and Father
are responsible for running the Sustainable Children's Home and caring for the 12 children that live there. They grow enough food to feed all the children and provide them with a family environment to grow up in.

Krisna runs Saila Chiya, an organic tea estate in Illam, Nepal. He produces hand-made, organic, silver-tips tea, one of the finest teas in the world. He is currently converting his tea estate into and training and demonstration site for other tea farmers wishing to become organic.