Kamala Fundraising Campaign 2017

My name is Zachary Barton and I am a Canadian who has been living in Nepal for the past 13 years.

I design and run programs to help communities in Nepal develop sustainably, especially focusing on improving community’s capacity to care for children.  I’m here because I need your support.


Week Two of the Kamala 2017 Fundraiser is dedicated to the children living at our Mother Earth Childrens Home. We hope the video below will inspire you to help out these children in whatever way possible.

Week Three focuses on Almost Heaven Farms and how work at the farm is actively living the principles of permaculture and sharing that knowledge with local communities.




 HELP US Raise $30K by December 5th - World Soil Day

Over the last year we:


° Finished building Mother Earth Sustainable Children's Home (our second home)
° Grew 4 metric tons of organic rice
° Grew 3 metric tons of organic fruit, vegetables and pulses
° Provided another 26 tons of locally sourced foods including rice, meat, milk, fruits and
   vegetables through our Food Security program
° Hosted 68 students,
° Executed 176 demonstrations and ran 6 trainings at Almost Heaven Farms and continued to support two villages and over 130 households still recovering from the earthquakes of 2015 by providing them with training, supplies, alternative energy technologies, tree seedling and other bio-resources through our Resilience Through Recovery program.

Thank you to all who have supported us over the years.  It takes a community to raise a child and you are all part of ours.

    Click below to see the beautiful cover photo featuring the new Mother Earth Children's home as well as the article on our work in:

Permaculture Works Autumn 2017


And Almost Heaven's new website:



If you believe that your donation can make a difference 

and that there are solutions to the problems that we are all facing,

then please support the Kamala Foundation in it’s efforts;

All Canadian Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE  




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